Designed Specifically For Cooperatives

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NecosPlus, a leading name in the field of cooperative banking solutions, is a sophisticated and comprehensive core banking system that brings together modern technology and decades of industry experience. Developed by Zinob Inc. Pvt. Ltd., a reputable technology firm known for its innovative and customer-centric solutions, NecosPlus has been designed with the specific needs of cooperatives in mind. The system has proven its mettle in the industry, being utilized by over 700 cooperatives and continually earning their trust.

Zinob Inc. Pvt. Ltd., the force behind NecosPlus, is a company that prides itself in blending technology and innovation to offer solutions that propel businesses forward. The intellectual property rights of NecosPlus rest with Zinob, a testament to the company's commitment to constantly evolve and improve its offerings. Zinob's mission is to create software solutions that not only address the current requirements of businesses but also anticipate and prepare for future challenges.

The broad acceptance and success of NecosPlus among Cooperatives is a reflection of the system's robust capabilities, security features, and ease of use. At NecosPlus, we believe in the power of technology to transform cooperatives core banking operations, and we are dedicated to helping our clients leverage this power to their advantage. With a focus on delivering exceptional value to our clients and creating a positive impact on their business, we at NecosPlus are committed to advancing cooperative banking through innovation and excellence.